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October 25, 2016

October 6, 2016

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October 6, 2016

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October 6, 2016


I came across this beautiful product range recently when I had to borrow my friend’s shampoo and conditioner as I had forgotten mine whilst visiting Sydney for a wedding (I know! A hairdresser who forgets their sham/con??)

I loved it so much I decided to look it up when I got back to NZ, and as I did a little more research I fell more in love with Davines and the whole story behind their brand.

Davines prides themselves on being a sustainable product line. They use as little raw materials as possible and as much recyclable materials where they can.

They don’t test on animals, so that’s a massive brownie point from me! And I love the fact that the styling products come wrapped in beautiful recycled paper. The wrapping paper on every product was inspired by a Davines creative director's experience of shopping in Japan, where she loved the way everything was beautifully wrapped after purchase, to be opened like a gift at home! Now who doesn’t like opening gifts? Treat Yo self!




                                                                                              Quote - Davines





What better excuse to use all of my new products then getting ready for the very rare occasion of date night with the husband!

I started off with washing and conditioning my lovely locks with the MINU range for coloured hair.

I always give my hair 2 good washes with shampoo before conditioning (and mine definitely needs it as my hair is usually 90% dry shampoo by the time I get around to wash day) you really don’t need too much shampoo as it foams up so nicely and left my hair feeling squeaky clean! After I do the second wash I squeeze all the water out of my ends and just apply a 50 cent piece size of conditioner through the mids and ends, again I didn’t feel like I needed a lot of product as it has such a creamy consistency, I think with this product a little bit goes a long way especially if you have fine hair.



After towel drying I applied a small pea size of the relaxing moisturizing fluid through my mids and ends. It really helped to get all the knots out and my hair blow dried so smoothly. I probably should have stuck to a smooth hairstyle that night, the product was amazing at creating a smooth style but I found it a little heavy when trying to curl my ends (I guess that’s why the packaging says ‘for straight controlled looks’ haha)


Not to worry! Once managing to curl my hair I flipped my head upside down and scrunched the invisible serum ‘for satiny, tousled looks’ through my hair, and that really helped to give me that lion mane look that I love.



I went a bit crazy and decided to spritz the sea salt spray through to give a little bit more hold, and I really found that the next day I was able to re curl a few of my ends. I sometimes find sea salt sprays too tacky to do a restyle the next day, so it requires either a messy bun or a whole new wash and style, and who can really be bothered to do that! So I definitely recommend the Davines sea salt spray if you want to wear your style for at least another day or 2.



I’ve already gone nuts with the products, one more won’t hurt! I finished off with the medium hold hair spray. It just gave my hair a light hold but still allowed for movement, which I much prefer then having crispy hair. This product has also been really nice to use the last week on all of my weddings as a workable hairspray and it has a really nice smell too! Another stylist at a wedding we were working on even commented on how nice it smelt.



Now I didn’t spray the strong hairspray on my hair as well, that would have been an over kill, but I did use it as a finishing spray on all my up styles I’ve had this last week. It seemed like it was really going to hold my clients hairstyles in all night, but it didn’t feel sticky or have a lacquer appearance which is a win!

So in conclusion Davines gets 5 stars from Hare & Hunter, ethically made packaging, cruelty free and smells AMAZING!! Who doesn’t love beautiful packaging and scrumptious smelling hair?





Davines MINU Shampoo 250ml RRP $36.00


Davines MINU Conditioner 250ml RRP $37.00 


Davines Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid 125ml RRP $44.00


Davines Invisible Serum 50ml RRP $40.00


Davines Sea Salt Spray 250ml RRP $44.00


Davines Medium Hold Hairspray 400ml RRP $44.00


Davines Strong Hold Hairspray 400ml RRP $44.00

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